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Trusted Fellows is a Network of high-caliber professionals from all over the world devoted to help your business thrive.

associates empowerment & capped fees

Our business model is simple: we gather the best legal and business minds to offer you a top-notch service at a capped price. 

Our secret? Trusted Fellows is a network of senior and mid-level associates with experience at top law firms, consulting companies and investment banks who are eager to develop their private clientele.  

If you have ever mandated a big law or consultancy firm, you may have noticed two things : (i) The fees you end-up paying are often largely superior to the initial estimate and (ii) the person in charge of your matter is not the partner you were promised, but one or several of his talented associates.

Big firms train their associates to manage matters on their own to maximize profitability for the firm. These associates draft your documents, make the research, coordinate the discussions with other service providers and are very often,  your main point of contact.

At Trusted Fellows, we allow you to receive the same service at a fraction of the price by putting your directly in relation with these associates

We distinguish ourselves from big firms not only by our ability to produce quality work for a cheaper price but also by our fee system: We do not charge an hourly rate for our service but instead offer to all our clients a capped fee system.This way, you will always be in control of your legal and business expenses when contracting with us.

Because we cut straight into the expenses and margin of traditional firms (i.e offices expenses, partners’ margin and organizational costs), we are able to offer you a high quality services worthy of the big name in the industry at a 30 to 60% discount.

Professional Legal & Consulting Services

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

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Top tier Education

All our professionals have graduated from top tier schools around the world, including : Yale, Cornell, Oxford, The Sorbonne, Cape Town University, KU Luven and much more.

5+ years of experience At big names of the industry

Because our target is to provide the same quality service as the big name of the industry (Magic Circle law firm, Big four, Elite Investment banks and VCs) we only hire mid-level to senior associates from these same companies.

Bar Admission & required certifications

Our professionals always carry the necessary bar admission or certification to help you on your matter.

Our Services

Corporate structures

We help you choosing the best corporate structure possible for your business and take care of all the paperwork.

Investment Funds formation

We help you establishing your fund and ensure its compliance with all regulatory requirements.

KYC optimization

At Trusted Fellows, we have developed means of optimization of your AML/KYC process. You are ensure how to comply with these requirements ? We will put in place a compliant KYC structure.

Trust & Escrow

Whether you are looking to establish a Trust or implementing an escrow structure for your transactions, we can help !

Blockchain iCO/STO

We believe Blockchain is the disruptive technology of the XXI century and have positioned ourselves as early specialists.

Tax optimization

Whether you are looking to optimize your tax expenses for your business or for you personally, we have a solution.

Family Office

Our investment specialists will help you investing your earning to make sure your money never sleeps.

Venture capital

You are looking for new investors ? Our team of Business Angels, Venture Capital Funds and private investors may be interested to have a closer look at your business.

Why are we different ?

Tailor-made solutions

Because your business is like no other, our services are tailored to meet your needs, and yours only!

Transparent & capped fees

As opposed to traditional firms, we DO NOT charge our fees at an hourly rate, but provide a fix rate for each segment of work we do for you. This way, you can manage your legal and business expenses without any bad surprises.

Simple solutions to complex problems

At Trusted Fellows, we understand that entrepreneurs hire experts to solve their problems, not to create complications. We cut to the crap and deliver turnkey solutions to our customers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I am interested with your services, how can I receive a fee estimate ?

You can contact us at enqueries@trusted-fellows.com with a detailed description of your project. Our team will review your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a fee quote. If you are happy with our proposed fees,  we will start working on, your project after a brief AML/KYC background check.

How do you charge for your services ?

Following acceptation of our fee quote (fix rate), we charge 50% of the total amount up-front and hold the remaining 50% in escrow and will release it only upon completion of the task. We accept payment in check, wire transfer or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin & Etherum).

How can I be sure of the quality of your service ?

Because we only hire our lawyers, consultants and bankers from top firms, we ensure that the job will be done in the best manner possible.  Our network is composed of young ambitious professionals who are looking to make a name for themselves in the industry. Working on your project is a unique chance to achieve this goal and they won’t miss it. 

I need your help for something that is not currently indicated a proposed service, should I reach you anyway ?

Our services is not limited to the above and you are welcome to reach us with your request. Note however that we do not propose our help for criminal and family law matters.