Our Services

  • Set-up of corporate structures  and subsidiaries in the jurisdiction of your choice;
  • Advice on the appropriate corporate structure for your needs;
  • Assistance with your corporate secretarial work (board resolutions, EGMs, proxies…);
  • Due diligence on prospective investment in M&A deals;
  •  Transfer of shares and restructuring;
  • Appointment/dismissal of director; 
  • Increase/decrease of capital and more….
Corporate Structures, companies, set-up company, business
Investment Fund & fund vehicles
  • Advices on fund structures based on your business and needs (level of supervision, expected commitment, tax structuring);
  • Set-up of investment vehicles in Luxembourg (e.g. SCSp SICAV AIF, RAIF, SICAR, SIF) or Cayman Island;
  • Negotiation with financial authorities (CSSF, AMF…);
  • Side letter negotiation with investor or GP;
  • Due diligence on prospective investment;
  • Regulatory advice in relation to MiFID, AIFMD, EMIR…
  • Preparation of anti-money laundering required documents;
  • Assistance with the structure of your KYC process;
  • Regulatory advices in relation to AML law.
Professional Legal & Consulting Services
Trust & Escrow
  •  Set-up of trust in onshore or off-shore jurisdictions 
  • Trustee services and attached compliant AML processes;
  • Escrow account and  escrow services in relation to OTC transactions.
    • Assistance with Initial  Coin Offering and Security Token Offering;
    • Blockchain law regulatory and tax advices;
    • Set of a a compliant AML/KYC process for your crypto transactions;
    • Escrow services for large crypto transactions.
Blockchain legal
Professional Legal & Consulting Services
  •  Tax optimization strategies for your business;
  • Tax optimization strategies for you;
  • Set-up of onshore and offshore companies for tax purposes ;
  • Due diligence services on your existing tax structure;
  • Ruling request with your local tax authority.
  • Investment management advices on the creation of diversified portolio (low risk to medium risk –  open to professionals and retails investors);
  • ETF and investment into alternative investment funds (medium risk – professionals or well-informed investors only);
  • Investment in collectible assets (low risk – open only to professional and retail investors);
  • Crytocurrency portfolio management (high-risk – open to professionals and retails investors).
Professional Legal & Consulting Services
Professional Legal & Consulting Services
  • Essential legal advice to start and structure the company
  • Support to set up patents and trademark
  • Review budget, financial models 
  • Review strategy, KPIs and road map step by step
  • Plan your fund-raising strategy 
  • Find the best investor fit among our European network

You need our help but your project is not listed above ? No worries, this list is by no mean exhaustive.  Make sure to send us a detailed request a we will get back to you with a confirmation and a fee quote.